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Our magazine issue focuses on how the simplest forms of thought process could change the way we think & bring out the perspective in our photos. As well as the simplest & minimalist forms of photography could be a paradox to what it is named because the process it requires to get there could be paradoxical.

Overall in the world, Home is the new work place for most of the people, so why not make this home a best place & experience to live in. In this issue we are focusing on the ‘exclusive homes’ or an exclusive bungalow architecture. Ranging from minimalistic yet playful casa to the truly curvy & futurist in nature Yacht house near the shores of Singapore!

In this issue we are trying to discover the education spaces that are different than the traditional spaces. Seeing current situation, it took a lot of time to many of the institutions to in place a system for the situation & to continue to rely on the same. We definitely need to think about how our future educational spaces are going to be, may it be a school or a hostel. We have tried to focus on the educational spaces which are a bit different than our traditional spaces, the spaces they are trying to embrace the future with small changes in a way they are being designed.

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