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While working on this magazine issue, we actually took a break & we did retrospect. With this changing world we all need to adapt & do things differently. There are people among us who actually adapt, they think differently, they make those change happen! Well, this is not that coffee speaking! 

We wanted to present this issue with the works of artists who actually make those change happen. They are always retrospective, creating something that we just hope to do that someday in life. This is probably that chance we should consider. 

We are bringing you in this issue, articles of the artists who think from the root level, they bring out that culture in their projects. We are presenting an urban design thesis in this issue to go back to that design level thinking. We have winning entries from the CO2 competition of ideas forward. This is just to think all over again, go back to drawing boards, think about those small little concepts which can make a difference.

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