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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

A.Isabel, Germany

A. Isabel is German based photographer born & raised in Germany, started photography & on instgram from May 2015.

She tells us about her camera gear, she uses Sony A7II, 24-70mm, f4 Sony/Zeiss kit lense, Voigtländer Heliar Hyper-Wide 10mm, f5.6, when asked about her favorite lens, she adds further, Voigtländer 10mm –

"it is just perfect for architectural photography, but it's a manual focus lens so – especially when it's dark - it's a bit tricky".

As an architectural photographer Isabel expresses, modern buildings often give the great opportunity playing with lines, angles and light, every type has its own charm. She loves playing around with that, looking for interesting perspectives. On the other hand, old houses like in Lübeck are just so cute, so special & for her irresistible. Most important thing, according to Isabel while doing architectural photography as she describes,

"Always turn around, move your head, go to corners & look for different angles. The usual ones can be great & beautiful, but maybe there is more to find".

Besides architecture she loves capturing people, unique moments & moods. She has a second account for that kind of photos (@curly_inthewild), but taking a little break at the moment.

Isabel has started doing Architectural photography from May 2015 & so has started her instagram. The most challenging for her is finding the new in the old - in her hometown, as she shares further, "because there is almost not one picture has been taken".

The world is an endless wish list of places where Isabel wants to travel. She loves Copenhagen, UK & absolutely want to visit Canada. Isabel has always been keen on having her unique style with unique locations in her pictures, always being experimental in her own ways & avoiding cliche as she expresses,

"In Hamburg we have the very popular Warehouse District with the queen at the end: the famous 'Elbphilharmonie'. Both are the pride of Hamburg & a magnet for tourists and photographer. Especially on instagram you can see the same pics over and over again, all edited in a popular edit, of course everyone should post what they like, but many instgrammers just do it for likes & features. Of course it's OK, but I'm trying to avoid the cliche pictures, although I LOVE the Warehouse district and the Elbphilharmonie".

To take better photos, you need to educate yourself with experiences, as Isabel adds further, bringing enough time is very important for her, so she can focus on details like symmetry, lines, finding perspectives. She rarely looks at the pictures of other photographers, but when, it's in order to find interesting places in general. What she doesn't want is copying them.

Speaking of inspiration, Isabel expresses,

"The building itself has to inspire me, but I'm open to photograph everything which catches my eye. I'm an intuitive shooter. One who had the most influence on me is Kay @nordisch_by_nature_ He is one of the first igers I ever met. Just by looking how he is taking pictures and what little details he sees, opened my mind and eyes for paying more attention for my surrounding".

Isabel tells more about her inspirations,

–Kay @nordisch_by_nature_ - the master of puddles

–Fred @infrafred and Diego @diegogiani - fantastic street photography

– Lutz @justanothercanonguy - he has a special sense for moments, but takes an insta break atm.

–P. @__operator__ - crazy, creative photos

–Andreas @goerss.de - fantastic bnw pictures, focused on geometry

...and there are so many more she loves!

"Straight & clean, sometimes spiced with surprises"

This is how Isabel describes her photography style, one can feel the same, looking at the amazing works she is doing! She describes it further how she likes to make every photograph she captures unique & to stand out than average photos out there,

"In my opinion, if you have to look twice to understand the angle, the point of view, where is top & where is bottom. Another point to make a picture stand out from the average is something to make it unique, like a person walking by or anything lively. Often enough I'm not satisfied with my own pics although they are good, but the unique detail is missing".

There are so many great buildings, where it's almost not possible to get inside with permission & take a pictures. Such a shame and a waste of beauty, but you have to accept it, adds Isabel as to express least liked things as an Architectural Photographer.

Isabel shares fond memory of her travels to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Chicago and Tampa describing it as Fantastic experience. She met great igers, had a fabulous, inspiring time & shot a lot of good pictures.

Most important travel tip Isabel shares as to have a photo backpack which you can only open at the back is always worth to have!

A.Isabel insta: curly_isabella

All the images in the article are clicked & are intellectual property of A.Isabel

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