David Esparza on Nocturnal Photography

David Esparza, Chile

David Esparza is an adventurous nocturnal photographer from Chile.

Exploring his camera gears David shares further that he currently uses a Nikon D5200 SLR camera, although it is a DX format camera, it meets the expectations for which he uses it, mainly photography of day & night landscapes. He chose the Nikon brand for its great prestige & quality, but mainly because of the recommendation of other friends who love photography that use the brand. By this he does not mean that the others are bad, on the contrary, they are all similar. What really matters is being true to a style, not a brand, because the camera does not make the photographer.

Adding further to this, David shares about his favorite lens, he has several lenses, but as his favorite photography is night, his favorite or most used lens is a Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f / 2.8 PRO DX wide angle. It is almost the permanent lens of his camera.

When asked about the type of photography he likes to do whenever he has free time, David responds spontaneously saying, "Night photography mainly"

"Every time I can, I escape to some area without light pollution to enjoy the lights of the sky, Field, mountain, beach, etc. The idea is to compose an image with elements of the earth intertwined with the lights of the stars". David likes to have silence around him when he is photographing avoiding to photograph social events like he says,"The photograph that perhaps could avoid, are those of social events, because of the pressure that implies. I am one of those loneliest people, who love silence".

David describes further the important things he considers while doing the nocturnal photography, a bright or wide-open lens, a firm tripod, a camera programmed with the precise parameters, a place without light pollution & mainly time, patience and someone to accompany you for security reasons.

When you start with night photography there is a main element in the sky that captivates you & every time you go out, it is the first thing you are looking for to compose your photo ...

'The milky way'.

Secondly the moon & then play with the colors of the sunset or with light painting.

Expressing more about his nocturnal travels David tells us, before traveling, he searches the places to visit, their culture & conditions to be able to take safe photography, after that it is decided what types of photographs you are going to take & that way you decide the equipment that you are going to take Not to the extreme, but a basic investigation to avoid problems & to compose better, for this he takes help with the Photo Pills application, with which he schedules his departures depending on the place & location of the milky way for example.

David wants to travel to India, China & Egypt for their pyramids, he wants to know them better as a culture & their architecture.

"I like everything, when I am in the middle of the night, fears, cold & insecurity are forgotten when I enjoy the lights of the sky".

What he likes least is the danger you run when going out only to places without light. having an accident, being robbed or being attacked by an animal, etc.

David has been doing nocturnal photography since past 4 years, & the most difficult thing he says is to find another person with your same madness to go out to freeze & run all kinds of risks that can be hidden in the dark. David shares a very interesting experience from one of his nocturnal travels which is going to give some goosebumps,

"Two nights ago I left with intentions of photographing the stars so I went to a dark rural area & was just installing, a car appeared with bad-looking subjects, who began to scream, so I loaded my equipment & fled in, my vehicle being chased for miles by those people, with clear intentions to rob me".

With such terrifying experience when asked David if he still wants to do nocturnal photography, he tells us with a smile,

"Since childhood I have been in love with the night sky. I stayed for hours observing the sky & identifying stars & constellations. Until when I could start in this art of photography I did not hesitate, my definition of style was already marked in my DNA"

Describing about his photography style David expresses further, The originality of the place, a good composition & a subtle subsequent edition, this is what he looks forward to take amazing photos & to make his photo stand out than the regular ones.

Talking about his photography style in more detail David says, they are more purist than over edited, which he learned from his teacher who always told David that 'the best photo was the one that came out of the camera', this subject is quite controversial in the world of photography, so he totally respect the style adopted by each of the artists.

"I like them all", when asked about his favorite works, "I couldn't say I have a favorite. Each of the photos that I publish on my social networks has a story that transforms it as a child that you must take care of & love. I have thousands of photographs taken, but I am very self-critical, therefore, I only publish the ones that I like the most or fill me up".

Like David said, he usually avoids photographing social events, but he shares one interesting story, on one occasion, he had to take some pictures of a social event. It was not something so formal & he was not paid, however, he was committed to do it & when David started taking the photos, he realized that all his camera memory cards are at his house so he had to improvise with an adapter that someone was bringing & the memory card of his cellphone ... 'were minutes of great tension. In the end everything went well'.

David shares some safety concerns & tips, mainly advises to research of the place where you are going to photograph & bring the necessary equipment so that the experience meets expectations.

"Just dare, study, enjoy this beautiful hobby & the beauties that the world has".

David Esparza insta: dhen79photography


All the images in the article are clicked & are intellectual property of David Esparza.

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