Gueri Segura on Architectural Photography

Gueri Segura, Peru

Gueri is an artist that uses image composition to look for peace and balance. He’s been a photographer since 2007 & found a passion for architectural photography in January 2019. During this month he started a job in downtown Los Angeles where he was amazed by the impressive presence of the buildings. This is when he felt attracted to capture buildings in images.

He felt comfortable finding beauty in buildings since he grew up seeing his father as an architect that made many buildings in Latin America.

Gueri, besides being a photographer, works in e-commerce & digital marketing for many well-known global brands.

It is not necessary to use heavy camera gears all the time for the good outputs, for architectural photography, Gueri limits himself to use iPhone X. This way he can catch as many buildings as possible during his travels while maintaining a coherent style through the whole collection.

All images are taken & edited on iPhone. Gueri has purposely limited himself to not use Photoshop on his computer, As an Advertising Art Director for many years he knows that anything can be achieved using Photoshop, but by limiting his resources he is pushing himself to be more creative in achieving the desired results.

Gueri adds further to describe his amazing outputs, that he uses Snapseed as main app to distort images and retouch tones. PS Express, Photoshop Mix, Lightroom, & others to play with different features

"I enjoy looking at patterns a lot & I’ve found that buildings offer loads of them! I try to capture patterns in the most minimalistic way, trying to get to the essence of the pattern while avoiding clutter, or unorganized elements. I also find fascinating to connect in a way with the architects, by trying to discover what they were trying to communicate through their designs".

When discussed about his favorite type of architecture to shoot, Gueri expresses, It’s all about shapes & how they react to light from different times of the day. He tries to look for buildings that stand out in a way by looking at them from a slightly different perspective. He sometimes get asked: “what building is that?” & then after telling them, they realize it’s just a different angle or it’s only a small detail but looked very differently.

"We usually take for granted what’s always there & forgets to look deeply or with a different point of view", very nicely put by Gueri. The most important according to him, is to end up with an image that conveys peacefulness.

When asked about his inspiration, Gueri tells us,"My dad is an architect and I have admired his work since I’m a little kid".

He admires the works of Caroline S. (@caro._sc) who captures minimalistic beautiful clean images,

Harimao Lee (@harimaolee) shows complexity look simple; &

Jacques Custer (@jacquescuster) pushes the boundaries with experimental photography.

Further describing his own style as, "minimalistic architectural photography with surreal permissions" Gueri expresses, "I’m in constant search for shapes that can end up on coherent and peaceful images".

When asked that how much he prepares or search for locations prior to shoot, Gueri tells us that he usually doesn't travel to shoot a building, he has his eyes open all the times & his iPhone ready to capture images. He has been photographing buildings since 2007 but architectural photography exclusively since January 2019.

Gueri likes to travel, he wants to visit modern cities in Asia with big & modern buildings like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, also Germany & Scandinavian countries.

Gueri tells us more on how he tries make his photo stand out from the ordinary ones,

"An image that looks well-balanced at first sight & takes a little bit of time to understand what it actually is. Let the viewer discover what they are actually looking at".

Among his works, 'The chase' is a photo that made him fall in love with patterns & the construction of balanced images. He loves it because according to him, besides being a well-balanced image it tells a love story.

Most disturbing things while shooting according to Gueri are the power lines & trees. They can really mess a minimalistic image.

"Find alternative places to take the photo and avoid photographing from the places where most people are. To capture the image is the first stage, use all the resources available to manipulate and retouch the photo".

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All the images in the article are clicked & are intellectual property of Gueri Segura.

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