Marie Philippe on Architectural Photography

Marie Philippe, France

Marie is a passionate architectural photographer from France.

She uses a NIKON D7500 & more recently a NIKON Z6, so as to have a full format sensor, a lighter & smaller camera.

Exploring more about lenses, Marie adds further that she really likes 18-200 for D7500 & 20-70 f/4 for Z6 because they have very polyvalent zooms & are very convenient for travel.

She also likes the ultra wide angle zoom but she seldom uses it, although she is not used to fixed focal lenses.

Marie mostly takes pictures of contemporary buildings as she has a passion for them but she is also very open to other types & opportunities of pictures.

Speaking more on the type of architecture she likes to capture Marie adds,

"I like to capture what is contemporary, modern. I evolve as I go by, as I discover places because I am not a professional. It’s how I stay free".

During her trip to Japan, she was impressed by buildings & their diversities: some were gigantic, utterly impressive, others were minimalists, Marie expresses. She started to take pictures of them for fun but it then turned into a true passion. Adding further Marie shares, she does not have any academic training. She works with instincts. People, including seasoned & professional photographers commented on her Instagram account that's what made her felt encouraged to keep on going.

"I am not a trained architectural photographer; I just grew to like that. This burning passion was born about three years ago & it’s led me to travel to find buildings to capture. It’s my aim when I travel".

As an Architectural Photographer Marie likes to travel, She goes to places where there are modern buildings, most of her trips are fueled by her personal interests. She would like to go back to Asia, as she describes, where excessiveness does not impress her anymore.

Marie does extensive research on the buildings that she wants to take pictures of before each trip. She writes down the names of buildings of interest in her journal, with details like who designed them, their specifics, & their locations. She adds further, It is hard to say, describing more about her travels & photographing the buildings. Marie thinks that there are places she would like to go back to because she thinks that, looking back, she should have captured the artwork differently, or that she could have done it differently, highlight something else. Although with practice, she always hope to better herself.

"I try to highlight the subject without having a particular technique; I work with my gut feeling. I make sure brightness is right, and I look after the general atmosphere".

Describing further on her photography style Marie expresses,

"My style is designed to put the emphasis on the artwork, the architect’s work, the building’s harmony with its setting. I try to remain as true as possible to the subject, with an inch of creativity & personal aesthetic considerations".

Describing about how to make a photo standout that the normal ones, shes adds, she uses her instincts a lot, it's really difficult to say, it's a deeply personal feeling.

As an architectural photographer Marie enjoys the discovery of the subject, & how to work it, highlight it, finding delicate angles, think up a visual. When she randomly come across a building while walking around, she tries to learn about its history, its architect.

Marie expresses further that all the photos she had clicked have background stories, it's really hard to pick one, when asked about her favorite one among her works, "I’m sure my next will be my favorite". But she likes her pictures of the outdoor staircase of the Brasilia built by F. Boukobza in Marseilles. It’s simple, in black & white, gives the white concrete staircase aesthetic elegance.

"My greatest difficulty is acquiring the technique, to know how to use each tool from the box to the software (such as Lightroom), or even my MacBook Pro. I try to familiarize myself with them but they’re not intuitive, and I still tinker with them".

Remembering her worst experiences, Marie asks us to take precautions When conditions are bad, like when you do not have a good field of vision, perfect or mediocre light, or when you struggle to access a building, when the lenses you have aren’t suited or adequate.

Lastly Marie adds a tip when you are travelling & photographing,

"Being as discreet as possible, play by the rules, not to break the laws.

Remain spontaneous, & enjoy it. Do not hesitate to go back to the crime scene!"

Marie Philippe insta: fifettambourin

All the images in the article are clicked & are intellectual property of Marie Philippe.

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