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Saturday, 26 June, 2021 at 10:09:54 am UTC

LIA - Behind Black Walls

STEINBAUER architektur designs a house characterized by its interplay of transparency and solidity at the foot of the Rosalia Mountains in Lower Austria

LIA | Frohsdorf | Austria | 2020 | 145 sqm

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Project: LIA | Order type: Direct | Cooperation: Ing. Günter Jakubec GmbH | Location: Frohsdorf, Austria | Planning: 2016-2018 | Construction: 2018-2020 | Usable living area: 145m² | Usable area: 25m² | Construction costs: € 380,000

Characterized by its interplay of transparency and solidity, “LIA” is situated in the midst of a heterogeneous residential landscape at the foot of the Rosalia Mountains in Lower Austria. In order to benefit from the view of the mountains and at the same time minimize the space used on the plot of land, the house was designed to sit on the upper boundary of the slanted plot. The volume of the building is spread over three levels with basic dimensions of 6.5 by 16 meters.

“The concept is expressed through a simple floor plan design, a concrete shelter, two glassed gables and a sectioning box for secondary spaces — nothing else! The space in between is for the residents to freely shape as they please.”

The sleek outer skin is a facade of matt black — a metallic dress that extends vertically not only over the outer walls but also over the entire roof surface. The armored structure lends the residence homogeneity and elegance and provides a backdrop for the old cherry tree in the garden.
The interior is dominated by hard contrasts, white concrete walls, black-gray furniture and oiled oak.

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born in 1989 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, founded his studio “STEINBAUER architektur+design” in 2018 and has ever since been working in an interdisciplinary fashion with civil engineers, designers and craftsmen alike on designs on a wide range of scales — from private homes over office buildings to cultural establishments.

Previously, in 2014, Steinbauer studied architecture and graduated with distinction from the FH Joanneum in Graz. Working for Behnisch Architects in Munich and Marte. Marte Architects in Vorarlberg, he went on to succeed in international architecture competitions — such as 2nd place in the Austrian contribution to EXPO 2020 in Dubai, 1st place in the EU-wide competition for the revitalization of Peter Behrens’ tobacco factory in Linz and first international architecture prizes such as the Gold Label of the German Design Award 2021 for the private house AVOS.

I believe that as an architect, I act as a mediator between technology and art, and in this sense, I try to complement building tasks with something difficult to define but indispensable for me — with emotions.
In doing so, essential steps of the overall process must include the intensive examination of the site, the constant involvement of the client and the tireless work with repetitive steps of reduction and concentration.

The goal: A building not reduced to pure function, but an overall concept that is more than just built space.


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