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We are experimenting with some layout updates in this magazine issue. We are focusing on insightful architectural photography article that gives a different perspective on the correlation between the form of the structure & light with respect to the human behavior. An architectural photography article that focuses on the way the architecture & the cities around us can positively transform our lives.   How our mind perceives its importance & how to capture that vision through the viewfinder.

Cover story article focuses on how science labs architecture can achieve the natural light through the planning of openings & at the same time keeping the required minimum balance of lighting in the labs, instead of depending on dead walls & artificial lighting.

 Contractors are the persons who help architects in realizing the dream of the structure on site, in this issue we are experimenting with an article to understand the view of a contractor on a project. With the right thought process, how it can weigh in realizing the dream for architects.

We are also focusing on the wellness centre architecture & interior. It is very transforming to see the process when you are working on functional projects such as healthcare but at the same time as an architect how you transform it into a functional art project, making it stand out.

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